Syntropia Press is a publishing project of EON, the Ecological Options Network devoted to making available to a wider public what we are calling the 'planetarian paradigm.'

This means learning to see ourselves as part of a living, evolving planetary organism in a living, learning and evolving universe and acting accordingly.

Syntropia Press
is pleased
to announce
our first book!
Syntropy is the innate drive in
all living matter, individuals and
whole systems toward growth,
self-transcendence, higher order
and beauty. It is the drive toward
optimal evolutionary potential.
Syntropy is the opposite of
entropy, the force of devolution,
decomposition and breakdown.

Syntropia is that beautiful place
in the future where all species
cooperate in a vibrant trans-species
culture, co-creating their
highest evolutionary potential,
living in harmony with a healed
and healthful Gaia.

Planetarian Paradigm encompasses trans-disciplinary, transcultural perspectives in spirituality,
the environment, politics, economics, and more to constitute an emerging
21st century worldview from
which to build an enlightened
planetary culture.

Our Mission is to contribute to the
growth of this new syntropic planetary culture by publishing various planetarian perspectives.
Syntropia Press is a project of EON, The Ecological Options Network a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization © 2009