Syntropia Press is a publishing project of EON, the Ecological Options Network devoted to making available to a wider public what we are calling the 'planetarian paradigm.'

This means learning to see ourselves as part of a living, evolving planetary organism in a living, learning and evolving universe and organizing ourselves to act accordingly.

We hope you'll join us in exploring the liberating and empowering implications of this 21st century worldview, which fuses knowledge from leading edge science with indigenous and ancient wisdom systems from around the world and applies it to collectively solving the evolutionary challenges of our era.

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For background on how the book The Enlightenment Imperative came to be please see the co-editors' introductions:

Creating Psycho-Social Crystals
By Mary Beth Brangan

If you've been magnetized to read The Enlightenment Imperative you are very likely what it calls a lightworker - one devoted to helping others however they can. As the Syntropy Group puts it:
'A lightworker is one who is moved by the needs of her or his environment to commit him/herself beyond self-interest to working for the good of the whole. The whole may be the family, the community, the biosphere, or the planetary evolutionary project itself.' (E.I. pg. 3) Does this describe you?

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The Personal is the Political is the Planetary
James Heddle

Most spiritual books eschew the 'political.' Most 'political' books avoid the 'spiritual' and the 'sexual.'

Few books I know of encompass an avowedly 'planetarian - as contrasted with a 'globalization' perspective.

This book unashamedly aims to incorporate all these sectors of discourse, and more...

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