Weavers of Light - the Substance of Evolutionary History
Some will question the use of the term lightworker, arguing perhaps, that in a bipolar universe, the darkness is just as necessary as the light, and that the two apparent extremes are but domains of a single spectrum. We use the term light, not as the polar opposite to “dark,” but rather to refer to the very substance, the matrix, the threads of evolutionary history. These are the threads out of which evolutionary history is being woven by the combined efforts of those following the inner imperative to work for justice, peace, compassion and sustainability. Light is, in this sense, both energy and consciousness creating out of itself the world of evolutionary form which you inhabit. By becoming aware of yourselves as participant creators, you discover the capacity to co-create.

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Book Excerpts:
Chapter One 
A lightworker is one who is moved by the needs of her or his environment to commit him/herself beyond self-interest to working for the good of the whole.
The whole may be the family, the community, the biosphere, or the planetary evolutionary project itself.
At every level of activity, from the local to the global, these beings are moved to relieve or prevent suffering of other sentient beings.
They oppose cruelty, work for justice, heal the sick, comfort the fearful, instruct the ignorant, speak truth to power, extinguish violence.
And always they embody cooperativeness and show a capacity for engendering love and cooperativeness in those around them.
Such beings bring order to chaos, focus to activity, purpose to confusion, courage to timidity and motivation to apathy.
Such beings may not consciously think of themselves as doing anything special, for they are acting on the spontaneous impulses of their being.
And yet, in becoming aware of oneself as a lightworker and of recognizing and acknowledging the existence and activities of other lightworkers, the power and amplitude of the creative, ameliorative energy is enhanced.
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