What is ‘enlightenment’? Could understanding about it
be useful in social change work? What would it look like in daily life?
Can activism be a contemporary path to enlightenment?

The Enlightenment Imperative speaks to all those now
drawn by an inner imperative towards creating a new culture
of lasting compassion, cooperation and liberation.

It calls us to participate fully, wholeheartedly and with all our power and being, consciousness and creativity in seeking the highest possibilities in all situations.

It calls us to turn all resistances into catalysts and all barriers into launch pads, all adversaries into allies and all crises into opportunities

In these meditations you’ll find:

• The characteristics of enlightenment
• The qualities of enlightenment
• How to recognize an enlightened being
• Who lightworkers are and what their purpose is
• How to form your unique toolkit for enlightenment
• The appropriate style of enlightenment for our time
• The hope of syntropy and stochasity
• The necessity of binocular vision
• The root of the current social, cultural and individual dysfunction
• The promise of conscious psycho-social crystals
• The potential for a new synoptic understanding of the nature
of reality and consciousness
• How to maximize this time of evolutionary opportunity
The human species is poised at a most critical juncture of either evolutionary flowering or evolutionary fallback.
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